Tuesday, October 11, 2011

at nilai university...just now

here, everyone are busy donating their blood at blood donation booth. we know every bag of blood means every 1gram of our weight had been remove. but, me, i, myself will never donate my blood n see with my own eyes that my own red blood cell are moving and they located in a bag full of fluid which can avoid blood clott.
everytime i pass th ebooth, they call to donate there, n i just smile n say in heart "GOSH U R SCARING MY STREAM!!"...but, it only happen few time...&^&&$#%..
now i have to wait till that people in chrge go to others place.
guys, its good to donate blood,..but, we should know, it is important to donate n save others life..many securition take places to avoid any transfusion reaction...
p/s: org kalau bace ni, mesti kate..."WOW, MINAH NI STDY SIAP PSAL DERMA DRAH..GILE KAKI STDY!!"..HAHAHA...actully i learn this in my sem 2..hello, its like im taking medical lab technoo right (dgn muka mintak kaki)

well, that all for now, just boring here smbil layan fb..huhu....^_^

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  1. sape cakap kalo derme darah,berat kite twun 1g???makin naik berkilo-kilo ad r weyh.....:p



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